Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday Night Boredom

Hey Linesman readers! You're reading another Linesman exclusive.

So because there wasn't anything significant on TV before the highly anticipated Whose Line Is It Anyway rerun last Sunday, Nov. 4, there was virtually nothing to do between 4:15pm and 7pm (Eastern Time).

We asked our readers to write in and tell us what you did to kill the time while waiting for the fabulous rerun. Here's what some of you shared:

"I watched all the deleted scenes from Bicentennial Man. It was sweet. Robin Williams is hiliarious," - Parker Stu, Ohio.

"I finally decided to do something about my nagging yeast infection," Jill Foglio, Ontario.

"Found a hidden bathroom in my house and took a shit in it," Ramsan O'Harriet, British Columbia.

"Fell asleep and lost my pet turtle. Still can't find it," Tim Goslin, Colorado.

"Watched a pirated video of Gwyneth Paltrow giving birth. Sweeeet," Saeid Tuchkew, Manchester.

"Consummated six different marriages," Osama Bin Laden, Tora Bora.

"Drove around downtown in a mustang while shooting paint balls at tranny hookers," Bruce Willis, New Jersey.

"Practiced my impersonation of Al Michaels," Lara Ulcer, West Virginia.

"Popped some viagra and went to the zoo," Charlie Sims, San Diego.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! We hope you enjoyed seeing Drew Carrey's ugly face.

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