Sunday, November 4, 2007

Boras Demands Hank Steinbrenner's Soul In Exchange For A-Rod

A-Rod isn't settling for a cheap contract. In fact, he has so much money that he's not interested in getting paid any more.

"It is my ultimate goal to live forever, and I can only do that if I begin collecting peoples' souls," said Rodriguez yesterday in a message sent by an angel.

Scott Boras, Rodriguez's agent, has repeatedly stated the contract terms.

"Steinbrenner, my client demands your soul. Nothing less, nothing more. Nevermore," said Boras.

"You'll be perfectly functional without a soul during your lifetime. But when you die, you'll be used as Satan's enema. That's the only catch. My advice, do what the fans tell you to do," finished Boras.

Reportedly, a witchdoctor is on hand to perform the soul removing operation and cultivation procedure. Steinbrenner's final decision is still unknown.

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