Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Linesman Honours Michael Landsberg With Award

Michael Landsberg, the ridiculously talented interviewer on TSN’s Off the Record, is this century’s recipient of The Linesman’s prestigious "Man of the Minute" award. This award is so rare and so next-to-impossible to receive that we have no intention to ever honour any other human being with it.

"Despite the fact that Mr. Landsberg works for our chief sports media rival I want to honour this man for his hard work and inexplicable physical appearance," said Linesman editor-in-chief Liz Oak.

"In fact, I secretly want him to be interviewing athletes on behalf of The Linesman. It's a shame that TSN got him first. Nevertheless, he has inspired us all to talk faster than normal, smile less, gel our hair with tree sap and spray-paint our office walls," she finished.

As Liz Oak explained, "Man of the Minute" is meant to honour a Canadian sports caster/interviewer for his or her hard work displayed over a period of sixty seconds.

"I was watching Off the Record once and noticed that for a combined (not consecutive) fifty nine seconds Michael Landsberg did not speak. I immediately realized the importance of this accomplishment and felt the need to honour it," editor-in-chief Liz Oak said.

Along with the tin-foil trophy, Mr. Landsberg will receive a free gift certificate to a local Toronto botox clinic and a Costco super-package of chapstick.


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