Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jason Kiddnapped Overnight

First Deavon George used veto power to block a trade that would have landed Jason Kidd back in Dallas. Then, after things were re-sorted, Jerry Stackhouse said some things that once again haulted the trade. Then Jason Kidd just disappeared.

In fact, he went missing last night at approximately 12:30 am. His wife had called 911 and notified the police that she managed to go to bed without acquiring any bruises. The police frantically searched the area around his mansion but failed to identify any suspects.

"Even though Mr. Kidd isn't available to go about his nightly routine with his wife, we generously provided a prison inmate to temporarily accompany the missus to bed," said Kidnapping Unit Head Officer #2, Rance Clayton.

"We've got a serious kiddnapping on our hands. Mark Cuban isn't a suspect either because he owns this police force," finished Clayton.

From what the media has been told, no other NBA players have gone missing yet. If anyone notices any sudden roster changes in either the New Jersey Nets or Dallas Mavericks, please contact an organization not owned by a Mark Cuban.

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