Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tom Brady Caught With Wooden Peg Leg

NEW YORK - Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was photographed Monday with what appears to be a wooden peg leg.

The Boston Herald's website displayed the photos. In addition, a video of Brady hopping awkwardly with a wooden peg leg from an SUV to his supermodel girlfriend's apartment in New York is available on Don't ask us for any pictures because our news organization doesn't own a single camera. We just steal pictures.

It has also been reported that a parrot was spotted atop of Brady's right shoulder.

The Patriots, currently chasing a perfect season, will look extremely foolish if they fail to beat the Giants in this year's Super Bowl.

"Yeehar, everyone gets bumps and bruises. I'll be at the Super Bowl regardless," Brady said Monday during his weekly radio appearance on WEEI.

"I might have one leg amputated, but I'd have to be on a stretcher to miss this one. In games like this you get roughed up a little. It's nothing serious."

Last game, Brady threw three interceptions against the Chargers in one of his worst (albeit rare) performances this year. It is suspected that this poor showing could be blamed on Brady's new metal hook that replaced his left hand (it was chewed off by a rabid squirrel earlier this month).

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