Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ferguson Misses "Top Prospects" Game

This year the NHL's incoming talent of the future will showcase their skill over two days in Edmonton. The first day will feature a skills competition and the second day will feature an actual game. Scouts and GMs from every team will watch and secretly decide which players to choose come their draft pick.

GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, John Ferguson Jr., missed the entire event.

"The Edmonton Dog Show only happens once a year," said Ferguson in his defence.

"My personal advisor of hockey affairs, who just happens to be a dog, suggested that I see the show. I can't make a good decision for myself so why should I go against my advisor's advice?"

"Woof," said Fletcher the pooch.

According to Ferguson, the dog's ruffs and woofs roughly translated to: "I have a boner."

As soon as members of the media began asking further questions Ferguson summoned a boom box and hit the play button. While cradling the radio between his head and his right shoulder he walked out of the room to the tune of "Fergalicious."

Reportedly, Ferguson can shake his hips quite well.

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