Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Buick Invitational Introduces Golden Noose Trophy

The Buick Invitational, one of professional golf's first important tournaments of the year, has decided to change their award traditions.

"Nobody likes the winner of any sport, any tournament. Especially if he's a minority," said tournament organizer Harold Smith.

"We think the best way to express congratulation and jealousy at the same time is to award the top ranking player of the Buick Invitational a 'golden noose.' The second ranking player wins the actual trophy but the prize money is split between the noose winner and the trophy winner," he finished.

"All of a sudden I'm less excited about winning this year's Buick Invitational," joked Tiger Woods at his mansion in Tiger Woods Town, USA.

"You know, don't want anybody using my own trophy to hang me in a tree. Even though most people would prefer to see that," he added, afterwhich he hopped into a limo and visited the local Tiger Woods Grocery Store.

According to the new rules of the tournament the winner must wear the noose around his neck when posing for the official picture on the podium. We're very anxious to see who will take top prize this year.

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