Friday, October 5, 2007

Fortune Teller Supports Bettman's Claims On Nashville

Published reports in Nashville suggest doubt in the future of the Predators Hockey Club. Apparently, negotiations between current owner (Craig Leopold) and the potential buyer, David Freeman, have broken down.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman insists that the contrary is true.

"The lease will be restructured, the deal will go through," said Bettman. "My personal fortune teller told me so," he added, assertively.

Alagisha Wonya, a fortune teller from Queens, New York, was invited to speak at Bettman's press conference.

"This deal will prosper," said Wonya, while holding a crystal ball. The lights in the press conference were dimmed during her appearance. The smell of incense was also evident.

"Despite a long history of financial loss, poor attendance, and a non-existent fan base, this hockey club will eventually be profitable," she said.

Our reporters were invited to look into Wonya's crystal ball, but, we assure you, we didn't see anything.

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Anonymous said...

get rid of Bettman already! funny post, as always.