Friday, October 5, 2007

Russell Crowe Joins NHL In Cancer Fight

Performer Russell Crowe has enthusiastically applauded and joined the NHL in its brawl against cancer.

"Everyone knows that you can't actually fight cancer, so of course, just like Russell does, we fight people who have cancer," said commissioner Gary Bettman.

Wade Belak and Steve Downie will join Russell Crowe this weekend to fist-fight several cancer patients in Toronto's Mt. Sinai Hospital.

"I like the way hockey guys fight," said Crowe yesterday, in his distinctive accent. "I always like a good punch out, especially against cancer. It's an honour to fight with real fighters: hockey players."

"This is reason why I spend my time making songs, making movies, and fightin' round the world," finished Crowe.

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Matt said...

watching this episode as i speak