Monday, October 15, 2007

Confused Assassins Disrupt Saints-Seahawks Game

When an overhead NBC camera came crashing onto the field during a New Orleans-Seattle NFL match, the crowd and players erupted in laughter.

"Oh shit man, it was funny," said Matt Hasselbeck. "I was so close to being crushed, you know!"

Unfortunately, detectives briskly arrived at the scene and ruined the fun.

"We identified a group of Iranian assassins at the stadium," said Det. Dick Brown in a serious voice. "They were intending to hit Russian President Vladimir Putin, but evidently, missed their target."

This event confirms rumours that Putin is in fact a target of assassination.

"No worries though, they apologized for their mistake, and even gave us some money to compensate for the inconvenience. We pointed them in the right direction. We wished them luck in their endeavors," finished Brown.

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