Monday, May 26, 2008

Magician's Alliance Accepts Michael Landsberg

BREAKING NEWS - The coolest celebrity ever may be available for hire at your next corporate party: Michael Landsberg. He received his magician's licence from the so-called "Alliance of Magicians" yesterday during a red-carpet ceremony.

"I'm stoked," Landsberg said, while releasing several doves in a cloud of purple smoke.

"I can do card tricks as well as I can interview people," he finished and then disappeared, literally.

Dubbed as "The King of Hearts," Landsberg's magic act features several card tricks and an incredible feat where he asks questions to not only sports-related people, but to normal people.

"We agreed to accept him into our alliance because his interviews are magical. He incorporates cards, magic, fast talking and controversy all in one magical experience," said Randoo Wilkinson, president of the Alliance of Magicians.

The Linesman will be hiring him for our annual staff Father's Day Party.

As per agreement, Landsberg gave us the rights to show the picture above as long as we provided him with favourable publicity.

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