Monday, March 24, 2008

Tony Stewart Breaks Male Vocal Record

Tony Stewart, aka "Smoke," hit the G10 note yesterday while his back was being waxed for charity. He effectively cracked the 25087Hz mark - a note previously only reached by female singers.

"The windows shattered and immediately birds poured in through the windows. We think they may have been attracted to the sound," said Mia, the spa owner who performed the wax.

As a result of attracting more than $100,000 in donations Stewart lived up to his promise of waxing his back.

"As painful as it was I'm relieved. People would mistakenly shoot at me thinking I was a bear. I look more like a human being now," Stewart said.

As a result of breaking the male vocal range, "Smoke" collects his monetary prize from the Guinness World Records Association next week.

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