Thursday, January 3, 2008

NBA Plans "Winter Classic"

Inspired by the success of the NHL's 2008 Winter Classic, the NBA has decided to also host an outdoor game this February.

"Knicks vs. the Raptors in the Bronx. It'll be great. This event will celebrate basketball's roots," said the commissioner of the NBA, who wished to remain anonymous.

"Yo, this game will be hype," said Stephon Marbury. "Basketball is about the ghetto life. Oh snap it's tha shit ya'll that we'll be playing right at home."

Residents of the Bronx in New York gathered together at a local basketball court to drink Colt 45s and shoot pistols in celebration. Eddy Curry was among the partiers.

"Sheeeeyaat," he said while shotgunning a colt.

"This game will bring basketball closer to the people," he said and shot a few bullets into the air.

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