Friday, December 21, 2007

Toronto Athlete Nude Photos On Internet

YESTERDAY - Nude photos of a female professional hockey player from Europe surfaced on the internet last night. Janiri Tuluski, a member of the Toronto Trapezoids of the WNHL, is the person identified in the photos.

One photo shows Ms. Tuluski “touching tongues” with another woman. The next three photos show her standing completely naked in an empty hotel room. Her breasts and vagina are clearly visible. It has been confirmed that she has a fire crotch.

Tuluski’s General Manager, Turd Ferguson, has released an official statement on behalf of the hockey player:

“Photographs were posted recently on the internet without Janiri's knowledge or consent. Posing naked is a harmless rite of passage that every female athlete goes through during her career. I congratulate her.”

Janiri also released a personal statement: “Unfortunately the pictures were candid and I didn't make any money off them. I have learned a valuable lesson and will approach a publication like Playboy before taking naked pictures of myself again.”

The public and media have gone bananas. The words scandal, horny, hot and sexy have all dominated the headlines relating to this incident. The Linesman contacted Tuluski's agent and negotiated a deal to show studio-quality nude photos of her next month.


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