Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Belak Cast In High School Musical 3

Wade Belak, whose acting credits include his own fabulous reality TV show Wade A Minute, has earned a part in the final chapter of the High School Musical trilogy.

"Wade's fighting experience and boyish looks make him the perfect actor for this role," said casting director Donna Summers.

Wade will play the role of Chip, the most fearsome bully in the movie.

"We've been losing a lot of fans since the 2nd High School Musical so we're changing our image by adding fighting scenes in the upcoming installment," said Ron Buttnick, producer.

"I think that my fighting sequences in the movie will bring respect back to the High School Musical franchise," Belak said yesterday.

"Fighting solves everything. In an argument with someone? Start a fight. Losing a hockey game? Start a fight. Don't have any money? Just go outside and fight. Your movie sucks? Add some fight scenes. Personally I wouldn't watch High School Musical unless it had fighting in it," Belak said.

Not surprisingly, Wade's presence in the upcoming High School Musical movie has drawn criticism. In fact, many unhappy fans have assembled in front of Disney studios to protest.

"Fighting is not what High School Musical is about. It's about the music. It's about the high school. It's about love," said Kim Cherry, webmaster of the official Hgih School Musical website.

In response, Wade Belak arrived at the protest to solve the problem. He beat up 21 girls (4 of which he raped) and 3 gay men. No complaints have been filed since the brawl.

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