Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beckham To Be Displayed In Glass Case

LA Galaxy is out of the playoffs and everyone in North America has forgotten that soccer exists.

"Before every MLS playoff game, at half time, and for a short period following every game, David Beckham will be wheeled out in a glass container for all to see," said MLS commissioner Bryan Lugent.

"We guarantee that he will at least wave at the crowd. At no point will he be allowed to leave his glass container, though," added Lugent.

Before the announcement was made, not a single ticket for any MLS playoff game was sold. Now, however, you can only find tickets available at ridiculously inflated prices on eBay.

"If you see me pouting behind the glass, don't take it personally," said Beckham yesterday in an interview over the telephone.

"I'm just really upset that there was a hidden clause in my contract that gave me no other choice," Beckham finished.

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