Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paul Byrd Not To Appear In Grand Theft Auto Spinoff

MLB 2K7 is no longer the cool baseball simulator to play on your xBox 360. Rockstar Games, the maker of the Grand Theft Auto series, is creating a video game that lets you relive the fantasy of being a major league drug user.

"It’s called GTA V: Search for Steroids," said Rockstar president Chris Coonhat at the announcement conference yesterday.

"Instead of playing as the thug 'CJ' in San Andreas, you use Paul Bird, a fictional up-and-coming MLB pitcher... In the game, you have to seek out the best deals for HGH while keeping your cover. Gangs and violence also complicate things, of course," said Coonhat.

When asked whether the character of Paul Bird bears any resemblance to the actual Paul Byrd who plays for the Cleveland Indians, Coonhat responded:

"No, of course not. The two don't bear any resemblance at all. The names are similar purely by coincidence."

Reportedly, Ken Caminiti appears in the form of a ghost in the game to "mentor" the progtagonist on the wisdom of proper syringe use.

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