Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Balsillie Offers Predators A Bajillion Dollars

Over satellite transmission, Jim "give-me-an-NHL-franchise" Balsillie offered the Nashville Predators an offer they couldn't refuse.

"One bajillion dollars... That is my last offer," said Balsillie, while cradling a Blackberry.

"I'll even throw in a Blackberry if you accept this deal."

Craig Leipold, current owner of the Preds, has publicly expressed interest in Balisillie's offer.

"I would take this money, but, you know, " said Leipold. "It's not enough."

"Scratch the dollars, I want a bajillion blackberries. I stand by my offer," finished Leipold.

Balsillie has yet to respond to Leipold's most recent offer.

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