Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wade Belak Debates Whether to Return to Leafs Lineup

Autumn means many things. Leaves begin to change colour, the temperature drops and the kids go back to school. In the case of a hockey player, you go back to work.

“It’s hard to decide whether I want to be an actor, or keep on playing hockey,” said Maple Leaf tough-guy, Wade Belak.

“My reality TV show, Wade a Minute, really opened my eyes, you know. I discovered a new talent, and I think I want to pursue that.”

On the contrary, Leafs GM John Ferguson is saddened by the news.

“He’s definitely our best, and most useful player,” said Ferguson. “His fighting skill is the most productive asset of any other player. It will be a huge blow to the Leafs if he sticks with acting.”

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