Thursday, September 20, 2007

Community College Sports Team Mascot Abducted

The insignificant town of Lebanon, Pennsylvania has become the centre of national attention because its community college, Harrisburg Area Community College, is home to a controversial sports mascot.

“Mu-Hammy,” the walking mascot who looks roughly like a dinosaur wearing a turban, has actually disappeared. Mu-Hammy represented the Lebanon Prophets.

“We used to be the Lebanon Dinosaurs, but we thought it might be clever if we made some kind of middle-east/Jesus connection with our town’s name,” said Principal Robert Lester.

“Obviously we didn’t have enough money to make a new costume for our new mascot, so we just stuck a turban on top of the old mascot’s head (the dinosaur). And now we’re the Prophets!”

The actor who wore the dinosaur-turban costume, Harold Hanks, has been missing for three days. The dinosaur-arab costume has also been missing.

Please report any evidence or facts linking to the abduction to (416) 555-3432.

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