Thursday, September 20, 2007

Toronto Newspaper Prints Really Intimidating Photo Of High School Football Stars

Every year, the Toronto Star usually writes a story about this season’s most promising high school football players. This year’s article has threatened opposing football teams in Toronto because of a fear-inducing photo.

“This photograph simply indicates the end of our season,” said the coach of Richview Collegiate, Anthony Jacobs. “We should just forfeit now.”

“The players in this photograph subconsciously make me feel obligated to lose,” said the coach of Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, John Dover. “It must be the lighting. I can’t even compete against these guys.”

On the other hand, one of the players in the picture, Stefan Nazar, has a different opinion.

“In the studio, they told us to look tough. So I did. But I think I kinda look like a dork,” said Nazar.

“I regret the picture completely.”

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