Saturday, September 22, 2007

SF Giants: Good Riddance Bonds!

Barry Bonds will have to pack his bags and go somewhere else. The San Fransisco Giants, the only team and city that had the courage to withstand the man, are kicking him out.

"We had him at the right time, as he was approaching 755," said Giants president Peter Magowan. "Now he's aging and completely useless. The hype's over, and so is our connection with him."

The Giants locker room was buzzing with excitement over the news.

"We can finally listen to whatever music we want," said Pedro Feliz. "Bonds would always change the music in the locker room. He only ever listened to OMC and Boy Zone."

"His home run talent boosted our attendance, but I just can't stand him any more, any longer," said Magowan.

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