Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sean Avery Diagnosed With Small Man's Syndrome

66.4% of NHL players in 2007 voted Sean Avery as the most hated man in the league. Avery is a pest, fighter, troublemaker and often, an enforcer. He's also only 5 feet, nine inches tall.

"Team doctors told me to seek help," Avery said, at a news conference yesterday. "They were concerned that I was taking way too many penalties. Now I know why."

"Sean displays a severe case of Small Man's Syndrome. This mental disorder, caused by the combination of his small size and his desire to overcome the larger hockey players, makes him irrationally fight while on the ice," said Team Doctor Rob Hibbert.

"He will be treated for this illness, and hopefully, will be less annoying towards everyone in the NHL," finished Hibbert.

Avery begins treatment by spending time at a rehabilitation retreat centre called "Every Man Is A Man."

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