Thursday, September 20, 2007

MLSE Excitedly Exploits Toronto FC Fans

Even though soccer and hockey are two different sports, The Maple Leafs and the Toronto FC are really similar. They’re both owned by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment.

“We’re raising the prices by 144%,” said Steve Balm, director of publicity at MLSE. “We’ve been charging way too much for Leafs tickets for many years. I thought we might as well start making the price of Toronto FC tickets unfair as well,” he finished.

The Toronto FC fans are extremely happy over the news.

“This is awesome. Now I can support a shitty, unproductive team during the summer!” said Fred Gullucci, avid TFC and Maple Leafs fan.

“The Leafs will never win another Stanley cup, and Toronto FC will probably never score another goal again! I love supporting MLSE teams.”


Anonymous said...

thats funny... not.. just think if it weren't for mlsel teams you'd be writing about..hmm>.. I don't know.. curling?

Oak said...

curling is more respectable than mlse.

but seriously though, the raptors are mlse's saving grace (mostly because of bryan colangelo).

otherwise, blah.