Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mitchell: I Have Junk In My Trunk

The Toronto Raptors are doing a unique tour of Italy and Spain this upcoming week to promote their team and league in Europe. Normally, people get excited about having the opportunity to shop in a foreign country. Head coach Sam Mitchell is an exception though.

"I don't buy any European-cut suits. I've got junk in my trunk, what can I say, man?" said a vehement Mitchell. "I feel restricted in European suits. I've got a hot ass."

"I also have a really large black penis too, so, you know, I can't fit that into any ordinary white man's suit," Mitchell added.

Immediately following our interview, Sam Mitchell went on a shopping spree at the local FUBU and Sean John outlet store. Reportedly, his shopping experience was filmed and will appear in an upcoming reality TV show called Coaches: Taming the NBA.

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