Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Glaus: Steroids Were For My Wife's Horse

It has been reported that Troy Glaus, currently a member of the Toronto Blue Jays, received several shipments of steroids and growth hormones within the past couple of years.

"I didn't take them, damnit!" he said, in a worried voice. "They weren't for me, they were for my wife's horse."

Glaus hung his head in shame during the interview.

"My wife is a jockey. She's an equestrian competitor, you know? My wife's horse is the cheater," he said.

Mrs. Glaus' horse, Bunny Glaus, was given a urine test immediately following the news and tested positive for steroids.

As punishment for cheating, Bunny Glaus was slaughtered on Monday morning and served at a posh New York restaurant.

"I can't believe that Bunny took steroids. This comes as a shock to me," said Mrs. Glaus. "Now that she's gone, I hope that I never have to ride a cheating horse again."

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