Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Steve Downie Pardoned For Knocking Out Pedestrians

Philadelphia Flyers' tough-guy Steve Downie gave several concussions to numerous pedestrians while walking on a busy street in downtown Philadelphia yesterday night.

"I'm sorry, that's just the way I walk," said Downie, in his defense. "That's how I live my life, a little rough. And if someone gets hurt, then I'll hope that they're ok."

"I'm just fighting for my spot on the street," he added.

The government of Philadelphia is taking no action against Downie. Under a Philadelphia bi-law, people must respect how others walk. It is impossible to force Downie to change.

John Stevens, one victim who woke up from a concussion just hours ago, wasn't pleased with Downie and the legal situation.

"I don't understand why he can just hurt people and get away with it," said a frustrated Stevens. "I think his style of walking is unacceptable, and he should be forced to restrain himself from delivering concussions."

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