Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bud Selig Struggling To Erase Asterisk

Fashion designer Marc Ecko may have more to do with baseball history than you imagine. After taking a vote, he has branded the infamous "756 ball" and sent it to Cooperstown, location of the baseball hall of fame.

"This is a constant reminder of this unforgettable moment in sports history and popular culture," said Marc Ecko.

Meanwhile, Budd Selig is scrambling to erase the asterisk.

"I've tried using soap, javex, silly putty, everything," said a panicking Selig yesterday. "This is driving me crazy. I think we might have to cover it up with tape or something. This is so embarrassing."

"Oh wait! I'll get my wife to try and scrub it off," Selig added, before rushing away in a hurry.

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