Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yankees Honour Rizzuto By Playing Worst Game Ever

If you missed it, just imagine: Home crowd. Honouring a Yankee legend. Beautiful ceremony. Respectful silence (aside from some annoying babies crying). Phil Rizzuto's spirit was practically in the air.

Then the Yankees got blasted 12-0 by the Oriole's.

"All part of the plan," said manager Joe Torre. "Since we're the best team in baseball, we can afford the loss. Especially if it's meant to honour somebody special."

"Our defeat is a symbol for death," said Jason Giambi, reading off cue cards. "A Yankee legend dies, and we do too - but in the form of losing a baseball game," he finished.

"It's beautiful," said A-Rod. "Sniff, sniff," he added.

As a sign of respect, the New York Yankees are determined to lose the remainder of their games in memory of Rizzuto.

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