Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brazilian Judge: Richarlyson Is Gay Because He Listens To Coldplay

Not only has a Brazilian Judge ruled that homosexuals must play soccer in their own, separate league, but, he has banned Coldplay from Brazilian soccer.

"Coldplay is an extremely gay band," said judge Manoel Maximiano. "Players may not listen to that faggotty British band. If they do, they must play soccer in their own homosexual league."

"Soccer is not homosexual. It is virile," he finished.

Professional midfielder, Richarlyson, has been accused of sucking cock and taking it in the bum. He is also a Coldplay fan, so, naturally, he is definitely gay.

"I'm sorry that I'm gay. Jesus Christ, GOD!" said an ultra-trendy Richarlyson. "What's the big fuss about, anyways? Jesus Christ."

The entire country of Brazil is very angry and surprised over the fact that homosexuals actually exist and may possess the ability to play sports.

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