Wednesday, August 15, 2007

CBS Hires Don Imus To Do Play-by-play for WNBA

Because men are superior athletes, no one really watches women's sports unless they're obligated to (Like if your younger sister is competing, for example). Well, that's going to change for sure!

Don "nappy-headed hos" Imus has signed a contract to provide the play-by-play for all of the WNBA games on CBS. Imus' popularity will surely bring in the big ratings.

"We felt we needed a new announcer who would draw the spectator's attention to the details of the game," said Leslie Richardson, executive producer of CBS.

"I mean, we want the announcer to draw our attention to the details of the women themselves. In Tennis, the camera can zoom in on the sexy skirts. We need a male voice to tell us how 'rough' and 'hot' women basketball players are. Verbally."

Imus will begin calling WNBA games as soon as he comes out of hiding.

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