Friday, August 24, 2007

Scientists Discover "Losing Gene" In European NHL Captains

Don Cherry and all the other hockey hicks are right: No European captain will ever lead his or her team to a Stanley Cup victory. It's been a long-lasting trend, and now science can back it up as fact.

Professor Ramstein Ramofusula at the University of Toronto has identified a gene in European hockey players that actually prevents them from leading a team efficiently.

"It's remarkable, really," said the bushy-bearded, pipe-smoking professor. "I borrowed some bone marrow samples from Ottawa Senators Captain Daniel Alfredsson. He's Swedish, by the way... After analyzing his genes, I can confirm that he really is a loser."

The Linesman was allowed into the U of T labs to see the gene under a microscope. The gene itself resembled a bad poker hand.

Don Cherry personally congratulated Ramofusula for backing up his theory.

"Wow, until you actually proved it with your microscope skills, I was afraid that what my beliefs were completey ridiculous," said Cherry.


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