Monday, August 6, 2007

Beckham Admits Taking Acting Lessons For Reality TV Show

The rumours are solved and it's official: Beckham did in fact take acting lessons.

Two weeks ago, when the TV special entitled "Victoria Beckham: Coming To America" aired, millions of people were shocked at Beckham's stellar acting performance.

"You don't expect a soccer player to be able to display such a complicated array of emotions," said Queen's University drama professor Greg Wanless. "I had no idea reality TV could be so engaging."

Even the clueless general public had praise for Beckham's performance. One scene, when Victoria and David ate breakfast together, especially stood out in peoples' minds

"He was just eating toast, but he did it so well. I've never seen someone eat food on screen and make it look so real," said Mellissa Golbel, a horny teenager. "I want to suck his cock so badly," she added.

"I learned how to project my emotions and my character with the help of Sidney Crosby's acting courses," wrote Beckham on his official website. "I keep on forgetting why I moved here."

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