Monday, August 6, 2007

Nikolay Davydenko Spotted Eating Dinner With Tim Donaghy

Because all of the important tennis events are over, you might not know too much about Nikolay Davydenko. Well, he's competing at this insignificant tennis tournament, the "Rogers Cup," in a far-away place called Montreal, Canada.

Ahem, so this is the part that's semi-newsworthy: Police are beginning to probe Davydenko (anally, by the way) on suspicions of match-fixing. His date with Tim Donaghy is also boosting his credibility.

"Instead of watching actual sports, I'm just going to watch the CPU play TopSpin '06 against itself on my playstation 3," said Montreal police chief Jean Gaston LeFrancois.

Davydenko has vehemently defended his dinner date with Donaghy.

"What do you want? It's not like I'm an ex-pedophile hanging out with kids at the playground," Davydenko said. "I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong."

After his secret meeting with Donaghy, Davydenko spent the whole night playing the slots at La Belle Province Casino in suburban Montreal.

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