Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Anaheim Angels Inspire "Snakes On A Plane" Sequel

In the animated feature Ratatouille, rodents help a lowly cook become a prestigious chef. Can rats actually help humans in real-life, though? It appears that they can!

Although it's proven to be a pain in the vagina to successfully exterminate a recent rat infestation in the Anaheim Angels stadium, the whole situation has spawned a new movie.

Yesterday, Cuba Gooding Jr. signed on to play the lead role. The woman who played Alan Grant's girlfriend in Jurassic Park is signed on to play the lead female role. Sidney Crosby and Peyton Manning have been selected to play supporting roles. The movie will be called Rats In A Stadium.

Instead of actually hiring a writer, 20th Century Fox has seized all of the rats from the extermination crew and will release the vermin overtop of several computer keyboards. Now we patiently await the masterpiece!

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