Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wade Redden Still STD Free

Wade "meet-me-in-my-bedroom-after-the-game" Redden has publicly announced that he is clear of any sexually transmitted diseases.

"I know I've got a reputation, I realize people are worried... but I want everyone to know (especially the girls), that I'm clean," he said. "I practice safe sex, and from now on, I will also preach safe sex."

Beginning next month, Redden will star in various Durex Condom commercials. The condom company chose Redden as the new spokesperson because it is so unbelievable that Redden is STD free. Wade will receive acting lessons from Sidney Crosby in the week preceding the commercial shoot.

The Durex slogan to go along with this ad campaign will be: "It's a miracle!"

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Andrea said...

bahahaha brilliant!!!