Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Canadian Crippler Cripples Family, Himself

Several school boards are immediately re-evaluating the concept of "take your kids to work day." Chris Benoit, AKA the Canadian Crippler, (in true WWE fighting style) crippled himself and his family last week.

"During training, the wrestlers are reminded that work and home must be kept strictly separate. He must have thought it was a regular day at the office - err, ring, I mean," said Detective Gumshoe. "You must draw a line between family and work."

In reaction to the incident, the Canadian dollar has been crippled - it dropped ten cents. On top of that, the US government has stepped up security on the US-Canada International border.

"We don't want any more American citizens getting crippled by damn Canadians," said Jim Bungdy, border control officer at Johnsburry, Vermont. "It could be an act of terrorism. It could even have a connection with that gang, the Crips."

Thankfully, no further cripples have been found, nor have any more acts of crippling been reported.

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