Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tim Donaghy Awarded Job At Police Force

Everyone screws up sometimes. Presidents cheat on their wives, world leaders launch useless wars against foreign countries, and priests have sex with young boys. But hey, since when do we forget to forgive?

Tim Donaghy was fired yesterday from his NBA officiating job. In an act of pity, the city of Miami has offered him a job at the city police force.

"We understand people have gambling problems. We also understand that gamblers are people," said Miami mayor Robin Roosevat. "Criminals should be eased back into the work force."

"I'm excited to be enforcing the law. I know I broke it in the past, many times, but I think that I've learned a lesson. I bet you I'll do a really good job," said Mr. Donaghy. "Thirty bucks," he added. "Make it fifty."

Donaghy's training begins next week.

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