Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ray Emery Eats Roadkill On A Dare

While coming back from a road trip to Hull, Quebec, Ray Emery and team- mate Daniel Alfredsson spotted a decapitated raccoon on the side of the highway. The animal wasn't going to be on the side of the road for very long, though.

Alfredsson dared Emery to eat the dead raccoon raw for $1000 (All US figures). Emery, being the crazy mother fucker that he is, stood up to the test and devoured the unfortunate animal in 14 minutes.

"It wasn't completely dead. I had to smash its skull to finally put it out for good. Tastes like fried chicken, except it's not fried," said Emery with a smile. "I missed lunch, didn't have my wallet on me so I figured it might fill me up until dinner time," he finished.

Alfredsson was impressed and disgusted: "When he ate a cockroach on a dare I almost puked. I thought he would probably back out of this one," he said. "Let's just say I won't dare him to jump off a bridge. He'll probably do it."

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