Friday, July 27, 2007

Professor Uses Donaghy Incident As Evidence To Disprove Free Will Theory

While the NBA is pretty embarrassed about its corrupt officials, other people are actually enjoying the news of fixed basketball games.

Adele Mercier, philosophy professor at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, has published a ground breaking paper that uses the idea of match fixing as a symbol for life.

"An entire basketball season played out before our eyes... And we all believed it. We believed that it was spontaneous and that its outcome was the result of free will," writes Mercier.

"The Donaghy case is an example of how we, homosapiens, are easily tricked into believing in a faulty concept called 'free will.' Our lives are arranged and we don't even know it, just like we didn't know that NBA games were arranged."

The paper, entitled "Fuck Free Will: Using Fixed Sports Matches As Examples for Life," has sold two copies since its release. Reportedly, the author purchased one and Donaghy purchased the other.

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