Sunday, July 8, 2007

Keith Primeau Learns How To Write

Injury-prone athletes often rebound in unimaginable ways.

Ex-Philadelphia Flyer, Keith "Did I Just Wake Up From A Concussion?" Primeau, has slowly begun a career in hockey journalism.

"I can barely read or write, but I know hockey- inside out. I can't name you the capital city of any country, or identify the primary colours or the days of the week, but I know hockey," said Primeau assertively.

With the help of writer Ken Campbell, Primeau has already published one article in The Hockey News.

"He spelled every word wrong and his sentences were all incomplete, but the content was good. I feel that an article by Keith is newsworthy because of his name, his experience," said Campbell.

Primeau will be attending Montessori School for the next four months to improve his writing skills. Pictured above: Montessori classmate Colin Fitzpatrick.

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