Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gabriel Morency Apologizes for His Loud, Annoying Voice

If you ever watch The Score in Southern Ontario, you've probably seen Gabriel Morency on television. As a matter of fact, if you live in Ontario, you've probably heard Gabe's voice. It travels for miles.

"I literally can't talk behind people's backs because they'll probably hear me, even if I'm a couple of blocks away," said Morency.

Several viewers have complained over the volume of his voice. One old man, Rupert Everson of Hamilton, Ontario, has suffered damage in his ears.

"Realistically, I should still have decent hearing. Although I never thought of muting the television when Morency spoke. Now I need hearing aids," said Everson. "It's his awful voice."

In response to the complaints, Morency has promised to attend voice lessons (hosted by Sidney Crosby) in order to gain more control over the volume of his speech.

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Sexy Princess said...

I think Morency's voice is sexy.