Friday, July 6, 2007

Bettman Plans to Expand NHL To Atlantis

As if it wasn't enough to have a dozen hockey teams in cities where snow doesn't fall, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has announced plans to create two teams in the lost continent of Atlantis.

"We'll find it. And when we do, we'll erect an NHL franchise there. Even if the citizens of Atlantis have fins instead of feet, we're moving two franchises there," he said.

Beginning tomorrow, a team of divers will begin searching the Atlantic ocean for the future home of two NHL teams.

"I just got my scuba diving license, this is gonna be great," said Ducks players Ryan Getzlaf. "I hope I also find a hot mermaid and have sex with her."

"Why do the logical thing and move the Nashville Predators to Hamilton, Ontario?" added Jarome Iginla, speaking through his diving goggles and mask. "Who watches hockey in Southern Ontario anyways?"


Anonymous said...

Bettman's gotta go!!

Oak said...

Thanks for the link. He's a fool.