Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Towers Admits To Being A Pot Head, MLB Takes No Action

The San Fransisco Giants aren't the only team dealing with a drug-user. Airhead pitcher Josh Towers of the Toronto Blue Jays has admitted to smoking marijuana during practices and games.

"I'm not gonna lie, I love my weed," said a red-eyed Towers at the Rogers Centre. "Canada has really corrupted me. I love it here. You don't get in too much trouble with a gram of grass in your pocket. Don't worry, be happy."

Jays GM Gibbons wasn't singing the same carefree tune.

"Horseshit. Bush league. The kid's got talent, it's obvious," said Gibbons. "But with him getting high all the time, his pitching will never improve. Unfortunately, seeing as how the league doesn't do anything about steroid use, we can't stop Towers from smoking up. I guess the MLB is trying to say that it's OK to do drugs."

Before being demoted to AAA, Towers went 2-8 last season with the Jays. He was high the whole time.

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good read...hilarious