Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sosa Wins Limbo Tournament, Later Stripped of Medal

Sammy Sosa isn't only good at hitting home runs, he's also pretty good at the limbo. After all, the limbo is his home country's national sport.

While taking some time off from playing baseball with the Texas Rangers this month, Sosa competed in a limbo tournament in the Dominican Republic - and won! The celebration was cut short though because Sosa was caught cheating. The limbo stick he used during the final round had a significantly smaller circumference than his competitors' limbo sticks.

"This really reminds me of the corked bat incident," said Rufus Ayoub, the judge and organizer of the tournament. "We're not going to tolerate this kind of fraud. Sosa will have to wait another twenty years before he can even think of competing again. This Limbo medal goes to Alex Rios instead!"

On the other hand, the MLB continues to enjoy the publicity and money that cheaters like Sosa generate. (Picture above: Sosa in limbo action)

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