Tuesday, June 12, 2007

McGwire Expresses The Painful After-effects of Steroids Through Art

Steroids are fun. Well, only while you're benefiting from the home run glory.

Mark "Big Mac" McGwire is currently feeling the emotional and physical pain from the steroids he took during his MLB career. Instead of entering therapy, McGwire has decided to take an unorthodox and homeopathic approach to heal his wounds: art.

"In two months I'll have a whole exhibit ready. I've contacted art galleries in L.A. and New York and they're interested," said a melancholic McGwire. "This is a great, natural way for me to deal with the painful ways in which my body and psyche have changed as a result of steroids."

When The Linseman asked McGwire whether or not he did steroids, he answered: "I'm not here to talk about my past... Let my visual art express the pain I feel."

Picture above: Pen and paper drawing by McGwire. Entitled "Sac. Fly Balls"

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andrea said...

linesman, you've done it again!