Monday, June 25, 2007

Crosby Takes Home "Best Actor"

If you watch NHL hockey, you've probably noticed that Sidney Crosby's got talent. If you also pay attention to the commercials in between hockey games, you might also notice that Crosby has some keen acting talent.

"Crosby has starred in more commercials than Wayne Gretzky. He's broken a record. He's shown the world that hockey players can master the craft of acting," said NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

"I'm so happy to accept this award," Crosby said at the awards show. "I've worked very hard on the past couple of sets. I'd like to thank my acting coach, my directors, make-up crew... If I forgot to mention anyone else, just remember, I love you all!"

Reportedly, Crosby will be starring in a new series of upcoming commercials for Downey Fabric Softener.

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