Monday, June 25, 2007

Brodeur Awarded "Best Penis"

Hockey doesn't end after the third period buzzer sounds. After games, it's very common for NHL players to compare the size and weight of their cocks. The official winner of this penis-fest is Martin Brodeur (as voted by all of the players in the NHL).

"It's not that Brodeur's penis is the biggest. His is the most impressive," said NHL vice-president Mike Murphy. "Roberto Luongo's competing wiener may be longer, but Brodeur's is just thicker. The colour and complexion is phenomenal."

"I've always admired the way Hasek grooms his pubes, but I completely understand why the players have chosen my dick as the winner. I'm proud of him, really. Thanks guys. Meet me after the show for some head... hahaha, just kidding!" said Brodeur during his acceptance speech.

This win was a huge upset towards Luongo, whose 11 inch penis couldn't manage to please the crowd.

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