Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Frank Thomas Apologizes for Inappropriate TV Commercial

If you're a parent, you've probably got a list of dangerous things you shouldn't let your kids do. Right under "smoking crack," pencil in: "pillow fighting."

A promotional ad for the Toronto Blue Jays starring Frank Thomas who "pillow fights" with a bunch of kids has been pulled off the air because of complaints. The Society of Overprotective and Paranoid Moms (SOPM) has successfully convinced Blue Jays promotions Dept. that the ad encourages child abuse. Click here to see the ad.

"Pillows might be fluffy and soft. But when a kid uses a pillow to hit another child, it counts as assault with a weapon," said Nora Sweeney, a SOPM spokeswoman. "This ad sends a harmful message: that black fathers beat their boys. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes about our society," finished Sweeney.

"Sorry," said Thomas. "I didn't realize pillows were so dangerous. You should see the first couple of takes though. I originally hit the kid with an actual baseball bat instead of a pillow. After running out of child actors, we decided to switch to a more harmless, pillow-fighting concept."

"I hope this doesn't mean we can't bring pillows on air planes any more," finished Thomas.

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