Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cherry Declines Gay Broadcasting Award

The Association of Gay Broadcasters (AGB) holds its annual awards in Toronto every year to honour gay individuals working in the media. Some of the categories include Best Delivery, Best Editing, Best Make-up etc. The most important award of all, though, is the Best Dressed Award. This year's winner? None other than the ultra-supportive-of-the-gay-community Don Cherry.

"I received the invitation to the awards show last January and I puked right on my porch," said Cherry nervously.

To everyone's surprise, Cherry did not show up to the awards show last night. Scott Thompson, the host of the show, presented the award.

"Well, it's too bad Donny couldn't be here. His outfits are faaabulous. He's got a new hot look every time he appears on screen. I'll happily accept this award for him. Don Cherry, you're super! Keep showing us how sexy our Canadian hockey boys are!" announced Thompson.

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i think this one is my favourite